Automatic sheet cutter

The special new product of our company is an automatic sheet cutter that can cut both positive and negative angles. So it is suitable for cutting trapezoidal and rhombus shaped pieces, and of course it can also cut right angles. The scissors have their own computer. The values ​​to be cut must be programmed, including the length and the angle of cut. This machine has 800 mm wide scissors and can cut a 0.2-2 mm thick sheet up to +- 10 degrees. The dimension precision for length is +- 0.05 mm, the cutting angle is +- 0.02 angle minutes. Cutting precision is ensured by linear technology and servo motors. The machine is equipped with a control unit that checks each work piece before cutting and allows cutting only when its size is within the set tolerance. The feed speed can be adjusted from 0 to 50 mm/second. The cut cycle time is 2 seconds. The let down rack can be loaded with a maximum load of 3t or a maximum sheet width of 800 mm. The machine is equipped with disc leveling rollers, the leveling angle is adjustable from 0-15 degrees. The minimum cut width is 50 mm. Machine parameters include total quantity counter, necessary quantity counter, program memory 99, manual setup possibility. The operation of the scissors is hydraulic.