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About the company: The “ROTOR-KALMÁR” company was founded in 1987 and was dealing only in production of transformers at the time. In the beginning we purchased finished transformer parts that we assembled after grafting. Later we purchased more machine tools and slowly assembled pressing and plastic tools that enabled us to create a complete production line. From 20-25 types of transformers available at the time, now we make several hundred types as required. Later we started making devices for gas welding (CO2 tools), for electric arc welding and TIG welding tools. Number of employees grew in parallel with the work. Instead of 5 at the beginning, now we employ 22 workers.

In 1991 we had a need for production of various tools for spot welding, so we added them to our programme. Today we make 20 types of electro-resistant welding tools from several kVA to several hundred kVA. In 1995 on technical exhibit in Budapest, there was a need for manufacture of special purpose machines and we, as needed, started making tools for mesh welding. Today we offer a complete production line to our clients, from prepared raw materials to finished products. This line encompasses automatic welding tools, mesh spinners and machine for baling of meshes, additionally we offer various mesh moving manipulators.

That means we can take on the entire automation of the production process. We take special orders and special purpose machines that make special mesh sizes for auto industry and household appliance manufacturers.

We also offer tools for spot and seam welding to metal furniture manufacturers, making the production faster and cheaper. These machines can also be used by companies in the ventilation business.

We also take on general repairs and maintenance of machines for large companies that produce welding tools (e.g. EWM, JAGER, SCHLATTER etc.). We can also take on the transformation of these machines for special products as requested by the client.

So far we have made and repaired serious machinery for Hungary, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovakia. So, if you have similar problems, give us a call.

You can see the machines we have produced so far on our website.