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Zavarivač sa četiri tačke

Spot welding machine VM 75 (electro-resistant welding) 75KVA-pneumatic with a special tool with 4 points at one time

- connection voltage: 400V

- power: 75KVA

- primary current: 187.5 A

- required fuse 200A, meltable

- a 4x16 copper wire is required

- minimum sheet thickness: 0.1 + 0.1mm steel

- maximum sheet thickness: 6 + 6mm...

Kočioni magnet

These magnets are used to release axle braking, but may also work vice versa. Their operating voltages range from 24 V to 400 V AC and DC. Depends on what the customer wants to use. The magnets are supplied in full cast or as shown in the picture, as required by the user. The pulling force can vary from 10 kg to 200 kg. Performance ranges from 50 VA to 10 kVA. Magnets for AC use are provided...

Specijalni magnet na daljinu

This magnet is designed to generate a powerful pulling force from 100 mm distance. First of all, it is possible to sort the tiny metal waste from the granular materials used in industry. It is used mainly in plastic processing and in the food industry, where it is necessary to remove small wastes of iron from conveyor belts. The magnet can operate under difficult operating conditions (...

Semi automatic machine line for producing pipe fences

This machine line produces paneled bars and grids made of thin steel tubes and stainless steel materials. Electrodes can be replaced. The shape of the electrode can be shaped according to the desired product. The length of the panel can be up to 4 m. The height is maximum 2 m, but we also produce machines of different sizes. The fence elements are placed in a template and placed below the...

Spot welder with a condenser

This welding machine is mainly used where point welding is required, but it is not possible to carry it out in a classical manner. For example, in the automotive industry, lining the interior parts of the various tanks, isolating the interior of heating and cooling chambers (sticks which hold insulating layers can be welded through insulating material) and can be easily used in other...